Do bookworms live longer?

Are bookworms living longer? According to a recent study, the answer is yes.

The study, conducted by Yale University, tracked over 3,500 adults aged 50 and over for 12 years. The results showed that those who read books for up to three and a half hours per week were 17 percent less likely to die than those who did not read books, while those who read most were 23 percent less likely.

The study also found that book readers averaged a two-year longer life span than those who did not read at all. This is likely due to the fact that reading books can help reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and provide mental stimulation.

The study also found that reading books was associated with better overall health. Those who read books had a lower risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. They also had better overall physical and mental health.

So, if you’re looking to live a longer and healthier life, it may be time to pick up a book. Reading books can provide mental stimulation, reduce stress, and help you stay healthier for longer. So, grab a book and start reading today!