How much do you get paid per page read on KDP?

Are you a self-published author looking to make some money from your work? If so, you may have heard of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Amazon’s self-publishing platform. KDP allows authors to publish their work on Amazon’s Kindle Store, making it available to millions of readers.

One of the great benefits of publishing through KDP is that authors can earn money from their work. For every page read, authors get paid a certain rate, known as the KENP rate. This rate fluctuates from month to month, but it’s usually around $0.0045 per page.

This rate applies to books that are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s subscription service for ebooks. When a Kindle Unlimited reader reads a page of your book, you get paid the KENP rate. This means that the more pages your book has, the more money you can make.

In addition to the KENP rate, authors can also earn money from sales of their books. KDP offers authors the opportunity to set their own prices, and they earn a royalty from each sale. The royalty rate depends on the list price of the book, and it can range from 35% to 70%.

So, if you’re a self-published author looking to make some money from your work, KDP is a great option. You can earn money from page reads through Kindle Unlimited, as well as from sales of your book. The KENP rate is usually around $0.0045 per page, and you can earn a royalty of up to 70% from each sale.