What are 3 things that good writers do?

Good writing is an essential skill for any author or journalist, and there are several things that good writers do to ensure their work is of the highest quality.

First and foremost, good writers make a good first impression. This means that they must be able to capture the reader’s attention from the very beginning, setting the tone for the rest of the piece. This can be done through a catchy headline, an intriguing opening sentence, or a vivid description.

Good writers also make sure to end their pieces strongly. This is often done by tying up any loose ends, summarizing the main points, or leaving the reader with something to think about. This ensures that the reader is left with a lasting impression of the article or story.

Organization is also key for good writers. It is important that the piece is structured in a way that readers can easily follow along without getting lost or confused. This means that the writer should clearly define the topic, provide a logical flow of ideas, and use transitions to connect the different sections.

Good writers also understand the importance of rewriting. It is essential that they take the time to go back and revise their work, making sure that it is free of any errors and that it is as clear and concise as possible.

Finally, good writers don’t just tell something, they show it. This means that they use vivid descriptions, metaphors, and examples to illustrate their points. This helps to engage the reader and make the piece more interesting.

In conclusion, good writers make a good first impression, make their endings strong, organize their articles and stories, rewrite, and show rather than tell. By following these steps, writers can ensure that their work is of the highest quality.