What kind of books sell best on KDP?

When it comes to selling books on Amazon KDP, some genres are more popular than others. In fact, certain types of books tend to be bestsellers on KDP. This article will explore what kind of books sell best on KDP and how authors can capitalize on these trends.

One of the most popular types of books on KDP is journals and planners. These books are often used for goal setting, organizing, and tracking progress. They are also popular for self-reflection and journaling. Recipe books are also popular on KDP, as people are always looking for new and interesting recipes to try.

Children’s books are also popular on KDP, as parents and educators are always looking for engaging stories to read to their children. Coloring books are also popular, as they provide a fun and creative way for children to express themselves. Comics are also popular on KDP, as they provide an exciting way to tell stories.

Poetry is another popular genre on KDP, as readers enjoy reading and reflecting on the beauty of words. Textbooks are also popular on KDP, as students are always looking for the latest and most up-to-date information. Book series are also popular, as readers enjoy following the story of a character or group of characters over the course of multiple books.

In conclusion, there are many types of books that sell well on KDP. Journals and planners, recipe books, children’s books, coloring books, comics, poetry, textbooks, and book series are all popular genres on KDP. Authors should consider these genres when deciding what kind of book to publish on KDP.