What makes a best selling novel?

What makes a best selling novel? Writing a best selling novel is a difficult task, but it is not impossible. There are certain elements that must be present in order for a novel to become a best seller. The seven essential elements of a best selling novel are readability, strangeness, controversy, big actions with big consequences, nuanced uniqueness, extreme situations, and reasons to care.

Readability is the most important element of a best selling novel. The writing must be easy to read and understand, and the story must be engaging and captivating. The reader must be able to connect with the characters and the plot. Strangeness is also important, as it adds an element of surprise and mystery to the story. Controversy can also help a novel become a best seller, as it creates a buzz and generates interest.

Big actions with big consequences are also important in a best selling novel. The characters must take risks and make bold decisions that have a significant impact on the story. Nuanced uniqueness is also important, as it adds depth and complexity to the story. Extreme situations are also necessary, as they create tension and suspense. Finally, the reader must have a reason to care about the characters and the story.

By incorporating these seven essential elements into a novel, authors can increase their chances of writing a best selling novel. It is important to remember that writing a best selling novel is not easy, but with the right elements in place, it is possible.