What percentage of UK can read?

According to a recent survey, the literacy rate in the UK is an impressive 99%. This means that only one in every hundred people struggle to read and write.

The UK has a long history of providing education to its citizens, and this has been reflected in the literacy rate. Education is free and compulsory up to the age of 16, and the UK has one of the highest literacy rates in the world.

The UK government has also invested heavily in literacy initiatives, such as the National Literacy Trust, which works to improve literacy levels in the UK. The Trust has a range of initiatives, such as providing books to schools and libraries, running workshops for parents and teachers, and providing resources to help children learn to read.

The UK also has a range of literacy programmes, such as the National Curriculum, which sets out the skills and knowledge that children should learn in order to be literate. This includes teaching children to read, write, and understand language.

Overall, the UK has a very high literacy rate, with only one in every hundred people struggling to read and write. This is a testament to the UK’s commitment to providing education to its citizens, and the investment in literacy initiatives.